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Friday, December 14, 2007

Bhabhi Aur Uski Naukrani Ki Chudai

Hello Readers, Hi these is Aatish again back with a nice story, bye the way I am 22 m from baroda in gujarat. Ok after my first story I meet many peoples with the help of Desibaba but never much get any body who is really horny and sexy , with whom I can do sex, but still these incident which I m narrating u happen before few month and I thought to share it with all u friends. I was completing my final year of college and living in hostel. Near to it there lived my maternal uncle's son( I called him cousin brother), his name was Ajay.
He was recently married to a beautiful wife named Nisha. I keep going to their home on weekends for refreshments/dinner etc. one day I received call from house servant mala & she told me memsahib is omitting & ajay sahib is gone to Delhi on some work, so I must rush her to hospital. I took a can & went to his place, to my surprise bhabhi was watching t v. I was shocked & complained her what was the joke, why did she call me I have to complete my exams I also fired male, she said memsahib asked to phone. To tell u I do have very healthy relationship with my bhabhi and she was my close friend & I used to share my thought and everything with her until these incident happen, I think she had a crush on me since the beginning but never told me till these happen. Bhabhi said aree aatish kyo naraaz hote ho abhi tumhari narazi door karr deti hoo. She cam to me and just kissed me, I was amazed to her such a behaviour. She asked male to go to her room. She closed t v & passionately started hugging me, she put one hand on my manhood, which was now showing me reactions. I said bhabhi no please, no if bhaiya comes to know, he will kill me. She said don't worry he wont come today. I was waiting for these chance since long time. She unzipped my trouser & my tool came out. She said aree aatish tum to chuppe rustom ho, kya lund hai. Aur sharma kyo rahe ho.
She immediately took off my trouser & ask me to undress. I had no choice. Now I was naked & trembling, she asked is it first time I tied her of course bhabhi never get any one to have sex till now. She was married for 6 months only, she now asked to to undress her but I was unable to reach to her & still feeling ashamed. She herself took each & every cloth of her. When she took her panty I could not believe. Such a clean shaved pussy. She spread her legs I closed my eyes & she said don't worry come on , she hugged me. Now I was also getting little courage & started kissing her. I put my tongue inside her mouth. She asked me to suck her boobs, I obeyed it . some current was going inside me I was electrifying. Suddenly she laid down & asked me to come on her top, I did, my lund found a way in between her thighs & went inside something. I said where it went. She said it has gone inside my tunnel and now u can dig it as much as u want and u can. I started digging the deep tunnel. My lund was going inside her choot which was very much lubricated and it never stopped. I was finding myself in 7th heaven. Oh my god she was crying oh aatish AUR ZOOR SE AHHHHHHHHHHH HHHH OHHHHHHHHHHH HHHHHHHHHH OHMAMMMMMMMM AH MAZAA AA GAYA. TUMHARE LUND KA TO ZAWAB NAHI. KYA IRON STEEL KE ZAISE KADAK HAI. MERI CHOOT KO YEAH PHAAD HI DEGA. THE WAY SHE WAS SAYING it made me more erotic.
I started fucking her hard. back and forth. . . I was biting her nippled.sucking the boobs. pressing her every corner. Maine use mere badan se chipka liya zaise eik badan aur do shareer. MERA LUND AAB PURI TARAH SE GARAM THA. HATHODE KE ZISE MAI GHUSHA RAHA THA AUR NIKAL RAHA THA. bhabhi ko bahoot hi maza aa raha tha.Thodi der ke liya mai bhool gaya tha ki uski naukrani mala yeah sub dekh rahi thi. Maine kaha nisha bhabhi tumhari naukrani dekh rahi hai.Woh boli koi baat nahi.Tum mujhe CHODOOO . Zoor Se chodoo........aab is lund ke liye to main ajay se bhi zhagda kar sakti hoo.Now even if ajay comes I will not stop you.
MY GOD YOUR LUND IS LIKE A HAMMER. zaldi karoo darling. Zoor zoor se dhake lagao. I pushed hard and hard and harder more harder. My god it was really amazing. I don't know how I got such power. I was FUCKING harder/hjarder. She said aur zoor se chodo.AUR ZOOR SE. TUMHARA LUND PURA ANDAR GHUSA DOO.AAZ MERI CHOOT KO MAZA AA RAHA HAI.SHADI KE BAAD PAHLI BAAR CHUDAI KA MAZA SAHI AAYA HAI. AAHHHHHHHHH HHHHHHHHHHH O HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH GHUSA KE HI RAKHO. After some time i said i am coming now. She said noooooooo come outside .I pulled out and throw all my water on her belly. She sucked it. I was tired. I saw hungry eyes of her servant MALA. She was a virgin GIRL. I said Bhabhi tum to second hand hokar bhi mere VIRGIN LUND KA MAZA LE CHOOKI AAB MUJHE VIRGIN LADKI KO CHODNE KI PERMISSION CHAHIYA. She said ask MALA. If she agrees okey. Mala to ready thi hi.Mere puchne se pahile he she came all bare naked.
She started kissing my lund and it became hard in next 5 minutes. I started kissing mala's choot.It was very tight. Mala said BABU yeah memsahib ki tarah nahi hai.Bahoot tight hai. Tumhara hathoda shayad ise phaad nahi payee. Maine kaha challenge maat karo mala. Uske kahne se pahle hi maine appne LODAY ko uski CHOOT me ghusaane ki koshish kari.paar phisal gaya. Mere LUND uski choot me nahi jaa paya. Mala ki choot bahoot hi narrow thi. Maine do/tin baar koshish kari.Akhir haar gaya. Then i asked Nisha bhabhi for help. She said can help but i must fuck her one more time. I said okay but now she must help me in fucking this virgin cunt. She said okey and asked mala to stand up.She told me to lie down. Asked mala to come on top of me and put her CHOOT ON My mouth. I started licking her hard. She asked Mala to lick my lund and in this way i could make her choot HOLE more wider.
Now mala came down. Bhabhi came on me and started licking my lund. I said bhabhi pahile main MALA ki Kunwari choot ko chod kaar achhe se khus hona chahta hoo.phir tumhari choot ko bhi dubara choddunga. Bhabhi maan gayee aur mere lund ko muh me leker eik baar kis kaya aur hat gayee. aab mein mala ke uppar let gaya.Mala bahoot hi patli se charhere badan ki ladki thi.naukrani thi paar zism uska bahoot hi sexy kurmura tha.usko dekhte hi achee acche ka lodaa khada ho sakta tha. Maine loday ko uski choot ke muh pe rakha aur bhabhi ko kaha mala ka mouth band karoo.Kyoki shayad mere lund ke andar zaate hi woh chillayegi aur padosi aa sakte hai. bhabhi closed her mouth with her hands I pushed immediately my lund inside her choot.I tried one/two attempt and finally i was able to penetrate my LUND inside her virgin choot.oh my god my lund felt having a different feeling altogether. bhabhi took away her hand and mala was crying babu baas aab chodooooooooo zoor zoorsessssssss sss ui maa mmaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaa aghj ahhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh kya swarag ka anand aa rha hai.babu aab yeah tumhara lund zindagi bhar meri choot me pada rahne doo..... please believe me I pushed many times and many times.kya zaam kar chudai kari thi.mujhe bhi bahoot hi maza aa aha tha..mala ko bhi.......than I said now I am coming mala.
Mala boli koi baat nahi andar hi nikal do.maine kaha nahi mala yeah bahut risky hai.tum pregnant ho sakto hoo.woo boli koi chance nahi kyoki abhi end ke deen chal rahe. main dochar dhake zoor se lagaya aur woh chillaye.zoorsr babu zoor se chod.tera lund to wakai gazab ka hai. aurh mera pani mala ke choot ke andar hi nikal gaya. we slept for another 5 minutes in that fashion only. tommorow. but she said no problem I will give you more power. She asked mala to go in kitchen and make almond milk cocktail for all of us. we drank. After 30 minutes now I was bit ready. she came on me. She started kissing my lund.she took my lund inside her mouth and asked me to roam my tongue inside her choot. I did. My LUND now was full erect and she did not want to loose this opportunity. She came down. I cam on her and asked mala to come near me. I inserted my LUND inside bhabhi';s choot and pressed mala's boobs .she laughed. Now mala came back to me.
She started pushing me.With mala's pressue my lund was going more steeply in bhabhi's choot. Bhabhi was crying oh aatish you are great. tumhara LUND to zoordar hai. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh oi maa. Main zoor zoor se dhake laga raha tha aur woh chila rahi thi. itne me achanak maine kaha bas bhabhi aab nikalaege. bolo andar ya bahar.Bhabhi boli agatr mala ko andar acha laga to main be andar hi loongi. Aur maine bhabhi ke choot ke andar hi chood diay.aur 5 mninute tuk bhabhi ke uppar he leta raha. bhabhji ne mujhko kiss kiya aur kaha thank you aatish ur brother is impotential & never used to fuck me , he used to fuck me once 15 days, and I used to cry to lund, and even when he used to fuck me he just do and sleep.. you have fulfilled my desire today.
I am very happy today. You can come anytime you like. also mala said babu aaz tumne mujhe bhi aurat bana diya. I said mala your choot was great. mala sharmayee. After I went to my hostel and slept but could not complete my study. Now nish bhabhi is being fucked my me whenever I get chance , but these year I completed my studies and come back to baroda, but still whenever I went to her house I fuck her . even she I have made per preganant. So if any one around GUJARAT want to enjoy similar experience u can mail me, and then I will give u my contact number, even I have a fantasy join some couples, or some lesbian couples, now matured women, married, divorced, mom, and those couples who do not have child can mail me, I promise that their identity will be kept secreat and expect same from u, as I am from very high society.

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